New year, Same me…

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Happy New Year!

For the first year in forever, this is the first year our new years resolution will NOT be to lose weight. Countless years have passed with the exact same goal of losing weight, but this year it’s a big fat no from us. Rewind to January 2017 when Sav joined the gym and then convinced Courtney to join too. We were so determined that this would finally be the year to lose the weight we’ve always dreamed of. So sure that joining the gym together would encourage us to go more often and be motivated to sweat away our fat. Turns out we don’t like the gym, it just made us miserable. Although we did rather enjoy making our own dance class in the studio copying YouTube videos but we don’t need the gym for that, just some floor space and Sean Paul on play will do just fine.

Slowly but surely we learnt more and more about body positivity and that we didn’t need to punish our bodies for being fat. Learning that you can love yourself exactly as you are is revolutionary. It’s radical to go against everything you have been taught about yourself for your entire life. Now it’s less ‘diet and exercise’ and more fashion, confidence and happiness.

Welcoming the new year inevitably follows January diet culture. The diet industry thrive off making people feel guilty for enjoying all the amazing food that comes along with Christmas holidays. Somehow its a sign of weakness, how dare we eat food??? We gotta stay strong and remind ourselves how damaging diet culture is and that we are worthy at any size.

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Self Care Tip: Delete/unfollow anyone who makes you feel like you need to be someone else.



Artwork by Frances Cannon

We have officially left all the bullshit behind. No more worrying about calories, exercising to earn food, and trying to shrink ourselves to fit into society’s ideal. All of that can stay in 2017. Here’s to a year of taking up space and being confident. Leaving it all behind frees up our thoughts to set other resolutions to achieve greater things.


Artwork by Frances Cannon

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Plans/Goals for 2018:

-Writing is something we’re both passionate about so we’ll be having lots of ‘business meetings’ to brainstorm our ideas for more blog posts. We’re jetting off to Mexico in July so have lots of blog posts planned for then. Can’t wait to be in the sun, showing off our beach bodies and drinking tequila.

-We are going to Mexico in July and have lots of blog posts planned for then. Can’t wait to be in the sun, showing off our beach bodies and drinking tequila.

-We want to get into making YouTube videos. We made one last year for Halloween (watch it here) and this year we want to give vlogs a go to capture the years memories and our comedic selves.

-We hope to take more pictures and speak more openly about our thoughts and feelings, we hope this will help you all get to know us better and connect with us on a deeper level.

-Inspire and be inspired. Its so important to us to take everything we learnt in 2017 into this New Year, to help others on their journey. And to also take inspiration from the people around us. Sometimes we get so frustrated when we get creative block, when there’s inspiration screaming at us.

-Design and make our own tshirts. For agessssss we’ve wanted to have a go at designing and creating our own tops. We love getting crafty and think this would be a perfect project for us. Trip to Hobbycraft and Primark is pending…

-Lastly, we could go on forever with plans and goals for the year but most importantly we wanna be boss ass woman and own 2018. This is going to be our year!!!

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All our love, Courtney and Savannah.

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