Since becoming body positive we have tried to venture out into new styles and wear clothes we wouldn’t have dared to before. Without throwing ourselves too much in the deep end, we decided to give mom jeans a try and we fell in love. They’re comfortable and easy to style and we’ve loved styling outfits with them.
Something that we’ve been afraid of showing for a long time is our lower stomach. Always seen it to be so ugly and disgusting to have that extra flab hanging over so would cover it under long tops, flowy dresses or baggy jumpers. God forbid anyone would see the “muffin top”. Being confident in the body that we have has allowed us to accept all the parts of us that we have been taught to consider as flaws. We always loved this style in jeans on other people but never thought we could pull them off. Turns out we look fab in them!



Top – Keep It Bright

Jeans – Yours

Blazer – Topshop (similar linked)

Bag – Faith (similar linked)

Shoes – Converse

In my new mom jeans my big belly roll is on show for all the world to see and I couldn’t care less. It would have made me so uncomfortable just last year but now I’ll happily tuck my top into the jeans and show off my fab and flab belly.










Jeans – ASOS

Top – ASOS

Belt – ASOS (similar linked)

Shoes – Converse

Jacket – Alternative Topshop

Bag – ASOS

For a long time I hated wearing jeans and never owned a pair because they’d be so uncomfortable, digging into my belly as I would force myself into tight jeans to try and suck in and flatten my lumps and bumps, being afraid that baggy jeans would make me look even bigger. Not anymore! Mom jeans are the perfect style for me as I love high waist jeans and how well they fit my body. Who cares if people can see my big belly roll.




All our love, Courtney and Savannah

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